All the Astorias!!!!

Hi Everyone, Well if you follow me on instagram or have watched my YouTube channel you will no doubt be aware of my latest obsession which strangely, although not sadly, is not a Sew Over It pattern but the Seamwork Mag Astoria Sweater. I subscribe to the Seamwork Magazine but way before I subscribed I had … More All the Astorias!!!!

Me Made May 2017

  ‘I, Amanda of @amandturner1977 and I Sew A Lot, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear me made each day for the duration of May 2017 with the exception of shoes and underwear but will seek to add to my me made wardrobe by making one additional item per … More Me Made May 2017

Am I Insulting?!?

Hi everyone, Well this post is kind of sewing related but also a little bit off topic so I apologise in advance!!! Through vlogging I receive an enormous amount of comments in relation to my figure and my body size which are, in the majority, extremely complimentary.  However, I have recently received a few comments … More Am I Insulting?!?