Just getting my head around it!!!


Hi Everyone, well I have decided to have a go at my own blog!!!!  Eeek!!! I am not sure that I have the time but hey ho we shall see.  I love reading other sewing blogs particularly if they have tips and tutorials.  I also find it extremely helpful to see how other sewers approach the same projects, the fabrics they use and the alterations they make.

I have been sewing for quite some time and through my vlog I have noticed that there are a lot of sewers out there, both new and old, who are the same as me and are looking for tips and tricks to help them through this sewing minefield.

I therefore felt it was time to get this blog up and running and hopefully help others and, as I only have virtual sewing friends, perhaps make new friendships in a world where, for once, I do not feel like a lost sheep.

So here we go!!!  I am planning to get my first blog post, well this is my first so my second, up within the next few weeks which is going to detail the trials and tribulations I have faced with my Closet Case Files Clare Coat hopefully there won’t be too many of either!

Hopefully be seeing you soon!!!

Amanda xxx


2 thoughts on “Just getting my head around it!!!

  1. Hila says:

    Yay! Welcome to the world of blogging! Love that you are joining the blog world as a YouTuber and I joined the YouTube world as a blogger!!! If you need any help or a sounding board – just get in touch. Mwah!!! xxx

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  2. ISewALot says:

    Hi Hila, I am totally still getting my head around it but I guess it is just like vlogging in the beginning you are like, what the hell?!? but after a while you get used to it!!! Thanks for the offer of advice I might take you up on that xxx


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