Sew Over It – Chloe Coat


Hi everyone,

Well welcome to my 2nd blog post!!! I had hoped to post about my Clare Coat but unfortunately life, to include Christmas, got in the way so enter the Chloe Coat instead.

As it is no secret I am a total Sew Over It fan girl and I had been coveting the Chloe Coat for a while, in fact, since I saw Lisa Comfort’s version in this teal/aquamarine wool.untitled

I had hoped that the pattern would be released on its own as I had sewn coats before and more recently the Clare Coat by Closet Case Files so was a little disappointed to note it came as part of a course.  However, in view of the discount offered to those who purchased it within a certain amount of time I went ahead and bought the class.  The course comes complete with the pattern, course materials and step by step video tutorials for each stage by the gorgeous Lisa Comfort (massive girl crush!!!).

With regard to the course you really need to watch the videos if you are new to sewing coats as, unlike the normal Sew Over It patterns, there are no photos or illustrations within the pattern itself and on odd occasions the steps do not seem completely obvious from the instructions alone and require further explanation.

Anyway I chose some gorgeous stretch cotton from the Sew Over It website which must be sold out as I cannot find it on their site but its a lovely pale pink with a floral textured pattern.

I chose to go with a stretch cotton as I wanted the coat for spring but it was relatively lightweight as far as a coat is concerned.  Therefore I interfaced the whole thing with tailors’ interfacing from Sew Over It which you can find here .  It is amazing as it’s so easy to apply and is also great quality.

I also went for the open ended zip version rather than the version which has press studs as I had not installed this kind of zip before and was intrigued to discover how easy/difficult it was.

First things first, the PDF for this coat is a whopping 84 pages so seriously not for the faint hearted.  It took me an absolute age to stick together (this is of course when I discovered Net Printer a UK based online print shop who only charge 75p per sheet to print A0 black and white plans!!!! – After the event unfortunately!!!!) however, I persevered.

So after spending an inordinate amount of time sticking together my PDF, cutting out the pattern (I don’t do tracing – particularly when its a PDF of this size), cutting out my pieces and interfacing I was ready to sew, at last!!!

I liked that the course made you try on the coat once you had sewn together the shoulder seams as I needed to take the sides in at this stage and also lengthen the bust darts.  The side seams have a 2cm seam allowance to provide for adjustments which I think is a really good idea.  After this it was just a case of cracking on and I have to admit the insertion of the zip could not be more straight forward.  However, I somehow managed to insert mine off kilter. You can see in the picture below the difference between the two sides in the distance between the neckline and the top of the zip tape.


I was kind of aware that it wasn’t right when I was sewing it together but carried on regardless fuelled by the fact the end was in sight.  It was only when I topstitched the front plackets that I realised one of the plackets was higher than the other which was noticeable not only at the neckline but also in the pocket placement and the lower hem!!!

I was just so annoyed with myself that I carried on even though I had an inkling it was going to be off.

So anyway I managed to unpick it all and adjust the zip so it did not appear squiffy.


I also used some white satin piping between my lining and the facing as I like the way this looks.


Whilst I lengthened the arms by 1.5 inches I ended up turning them up by an extra 2cms (metric and imperial confusion added to keep you on your toes) so ultimately it was about an 1 inch.


I love how this coat turned out and would definitely make a wool version for the winter and would also very much like a navy twill version to wear with jeans.


Click on the image below to see some “in action” footage of this make on my YouTube channel and my other April Makes.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time.

Amanda xx





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