Me Made May 2017


me made may

‘I, Amanda of @amanda_isewalot and I Sew A Lot, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear me made each day for the duration of May 2017 with the exception of shoes and underwear but will seek to add to my me made wardrobe by making one additional item per week to include, hopefully, some underwear’

Love this challenge Zoe can’t believe its going to be May so soon and looking forward to everybody’s intaspam :)’


Well it’s that time of year again and Me Made May is upon us.  I am taking part in this challenge created by Zoe of  ‘So, Zoe…What do you know?’  blog and above is my pledge.

I have taken part in this challenge in previous years and I have to admit that I wear me made pretty much every day but I love to take part and to take the whole me made clothing issue to a higher level.

It is a brilliant challenge to get us me makers to wear our garments with pride and give them the love they deserve.  Whilst not compulsory, the sewing community on instagram provide evidence daily of their outings with me made clothing.

The challenge is aimed at all makers and the pledge is set by you so whether you just have a handful of me made items and can therefore only manage to wear one a week or if you have a whole wardrobe full you can take part.

I have chosen this year to add to my wardrobe by making one garment a week and to include in my me made items some underwear as I have yet to venture down this route with my sewing.  The main reason for adding this to my pledge is in an attempt to somehow reduce my scraps stash which is increasing with every garment I make.  Unfortunately, I am terrible at getting rid of any kind of fabric and always think I will somehow get round to using it but never quite manage it!!

So there you go that’s my pledge and I am currently enjoying everyone’s instagram posts of their me made items and am looking forward, whole heartedly, to continuing to participate and also ogle others’ me mades.

Follow my Me Made May 2017 progress over on instagram and search for #mmmay17 to see all the wonderful posts by our fellow me makers.

Amanda xx

2 thoughts on “Me Made May 2017

  1. Hila says:

    Thats a great pledge Amanda – I like the bit about making one garment per week too. Regarding scraps – I ended up getting rid of mine by donating them to the textiles department of a local school. Best thing I ever did – now I only keep useable sized scraps of really nice fabric and chuck most of them away because I never used them. I am still to go down the underwear making rabbit hole too 🙂

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  2. ISewALot says:

    I seriously need to have a cull of my scraps as I am sure, like you, it would make me feel so much better. I am still on the hunt for the perfect underwear pattern xxx


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