#cosycardichallenge – The Rules

Hi Everyone,

Well this is such an exciting post and I am so pleased to announce that I am collaborating with fellow YouTubers and all round beauties The Stitch Sisters, Nikki and Rachel to bring a new challenge to instagram for the autumn.

You can find Nikki @sodburysewing and Rachel @shesewsvintage who together form the Stitch Sisters YouTube channel but also run Sodbury Sewing School.

As, no doubt you are aware, the three of us live in the UK and since the summer here has been a bit of a damp squib (to say the least) our minds have automatically turned to autumn and the gaps in our wardrobes which needed filling before summer is well and truly over.  We all love an insta challenge and loved the idea of collaborating on something super fun so we present to you the #cosycardichallenge.

As the name suggests the idea of the challenge is that participants sew a cardigan for the autumn.  Any kind of cardigan be it cropped, standard length or longline it doesn’t matter.  It also doesn’t necessarily have to be for yourself it can be for a loved one or close friend anyone you like (or don’t for that matter!!) its entirely up to you.  You can use any pattern vintage, modern, indie or mainstream the choice is yours.

The only requirement is that your garment is open fronted for the entire length of the garment to ensure that it qualifies as a cardigan.  Fastenings are also optional in case you fancy a waterfall style.

It has been extremely important to us that the challenge is open to everyone of all abilities and sewing levels and therefore we have decided to pick the winners at random rather than selecting our favourite garments.  I am sure that all the entries will be fabulous but just because you are a novice or you slightly messed up one of your buttonholes should not mean that your entry is any less valid than one sewn by an advanced sewer, with perfect buttonholes.  As home sewers we all fully appreciate the effort involved in producing any garment and of course can empathise with the fact that sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan!!!

So in order to participate in the challenge you will need to do the following:

1: Sew a Cardigan by 31st October 2017

FullSizeRender (25)You will need to sew a cardigan by 31st October 2017 and post a clear picture of your garment on instagram using the hashtag #cosycardichallenge.  In order for us to see your entry you must ensure that your profile is not set to private otherwise we will not be able to view your image.  It would also help if you tagged one or all of us in your post to make certain we see it but we will of course have the hashtag to rely on.

Already sewn a cardigan and would love to enter it? That’s no big deal just make sure you use the hashtag and it will count as a valid entry.

Live outside the UK?  That’s no bother either the challenge is open to everyone no matter where you live.

2: Follow us on Instagram

So as to ensure you receive updates with regard to sponsors and prizes and any useful tips the three of us may share during the challenge please make sure you follow us on instagram.  You can of course find me @amanda_isewalot, Nikki @sodburysewing and Rachel @shesewsvintage.  Although this is of course not a requiremeant.

Well that is it, easy as pie!!!!  You can of course enter as many items as you wish but in order to give everyone a fair chance, as some people are less time restricted than others, your name will only be entered once into the hat when we select the prizes.

We will update you along the way with regard to our fabulous sponsors and the amazing prizes we have managed to secure and big thanks go out to every one of them.

We would love for you to take part and look forward to seeing all your amazing makes so don’t forget to use the hashtag #cosycardichallenge

Happy sewing!!!

Amanda xxxx


12 thoughts on “#cosycardichallenge – The Rules

    • ISewALot says:

      Great Linda, I am so glad you can take part as we have some really fantastic prizes up for grabs and you have plenty of time to get it finished. Thanks again and happy sewing xxxx


    • ISewALot says:

      Hi Ruth, no not at all. Its entirely up to you if you repost it or not and is just really to get more people involved and make it more fun. Thanks for stopping by and good luck xxx


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