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Hi Everyone,

Well as you know I am pleased to be collaborating with the lovely Stitch Sisters Nikki and Rachel to bring a new challenge on instagram for the autumn #cosycardichallenge .

As mentioned in my previous post the challenge is that participants sew a cardigan for the autumn.  Any kind of cardigan and it also doesn’t necessarily have to be for yourself it can be for anyone. Check out my last post for our ‘terms’.

I have to admit a little of an obsession with cardigans which are a staple in my wardrobe throughout the autumn/winter but I also have to admit that I have only ever sewn one which was not really a success!!  Well that is about to change as I have my eye on a few patterns which have been kicking around for a while now.

I thought it might be helpful to give you ideas and below I have listed some of my favourites and I have quite a large selection to cover all bases!!



Lisbon Cardigan by Itch to Stitch

There is the Lisbon Cardigan from Itch to Stitch who is one of our lovely sponsors and I have seen some beautiful versions of this cardi on Instagram.  This  uses very little fabric and check out the image which includes a lace bodice with solid sleeves.  Gorgeous!B_front_1024x1024

I also love the Jenna Cardigan by Muse Patterns who is also one of our lovely sponsors and have had this pattern cut out and ready to sew since last year.  If you need any more verification that this pattern is awesome you should check out Sarah of www.amilliondresses.com who you can also find on her on Instagram @amilliondresses she has made a number of these cardigans and has used snaps instead of buttons for those of you who are a little unsure of sewing buttonholes in jersey this is the perfect option!!!  She also managed to get her versions out of less than a metre of fabric! Awesome!!!


There is also the Cabernet Cardigan  by Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick (SBCC) which is a great option and comes in a standard length but also a longer below hip length and also has a the option of front pockets.  I really love this one and this is also on my list.

There is also the Sophie Cardigan by Muse Patterns which comes with loads of variations.



Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet

My favourite longline cardi is of course the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet.  Helen is also one of our lovely sponsors.  The longline option finishes mid thigh but also has the option of a shorter hip grazing length.  I am definitely going to make one of these as it has been on my hit list for a while.

Another longline cardigan which is also featured in our images is the Carrie Cardigan by Delia Creates.  This is a really relaxed fit cardigan with a split front and dolman sleeves.

If you are looking for a semi-long line cardigan there are also a couple of lovely options I found the first being the Grandpa Cardigan from Patterns for Pirates which comes to just below your hips and is a great option.  Also the final image that features in our challenge graphic is V8819, however, this is unfortunately out of print but there are some other options which are similar my favourite is McCalls M6996 which although it is not the same still has some interesting style lines.


FullSizeRender (24)

Meridian by Imagine Gnats

If you fancy a bit more of a relaxed fit waterfall is definitely the way to go with no fastenings to worry about.  Another one of our lovely sponsors is Imagine Gnats and the lovely Meridian Cardigan is featured in our challenge image.  This is a lovely waterfall fronted cardigan with a contrast facing it is also selling at a discounted rate at the moment.

Another option is the Drape Cardigan by Burdastyle which is second image in the top row of our challenge graphic.

The Men’s Auden Cardigan by Jennifer Lauren Handmade


If you don’t want to sew for yourself there is also the option of sewing for one of the men in your life.  There are beautiful patterns for men in the form of The Men’s Auden Cardigan by Cardigan by Jennifer Lauren Handmade.

There is also the Newcastle Cardigan by Thread Theory if you are looking for another option and comes as a paper pattern but also PDF and whilst they are Canadian based there patterns are available from UK stockists.



So this is my final category and the pattern that I love the most for kids is the Greenpoint Cardigan by Hey June.  I absolutely am in love with this and the pattern runs from 12 months to 12 yrs.

Well that’s about it as I could go on forever as there are so many fabulous cardigan patterns out there.

I hope you will consider taking part in this challenge and if you want to know more about it check out my previous post which sets out the rules and don’t forget to tag us in your make photos on instagram and use the hashtag #cosycardichallenge.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!!!

Amanda xxxx

9 thoughts on “#cosycardichallenge – Options

  1. Kathryn Louisignau says:

    thanks for all the pattern ideas!!! I really like the Vogue 8819 (I just bought some knit stripe fabric at Walmart for $1 per yard, yes I know, Walmart. But whats an American woman to do, gotta save where I can) but sadly the only one I found was on Ebay for $25!!! Plan B is in order. I just finished the Lark cardigan by Jamie Christina for my daughter, made the hooded version out of some $1 per yard fabric. It was perfect for that pattern. Light and airy. LOL!!! Those $1 per yard fabrics can always be put to good use somewhere! Hop over to my instragram @kjlouisi for a look!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 2paw says:

    May I add The Juniper Cardigan from Jennifer Lauren Handmade in NZ. It has a cropped and a longer option. I bought this a little while ago and you have given me the impetus to do something about it. I sewed my first stretchy thing a fortnight ago, so I feel as if I could sew a cardigan!


    • ISewALot says:

      Hi there, yes I have this pattern and I a totally in love with the cropped version. Good luck with your cardigan and the challenge. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment xxx


  3. Alencia Bossett says:

    Hi! I’d like to add M7441 would be good for a different look. It’s the one I chose for the challenge 🙂. Dressed up or down, it creates a cool look for any wardrobe. It’s the first one I’ve ever made, and I’ve only been sewing for a year!


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